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And that’s it, over already, hasn’t the month just flown by. I had a long run/walk today in lovely sunshine yet again. My timing was a bit off though, I had delayed going out a little to avoid the hottest part of the day but unfortunately I forgot about the end of school time and the fact that my route took me past 2 schools.  I don’t know if dodging schoolchildren adds much distance to a run, all that weaving and crossing roads and crossing back…. Anyway, it was a good run. I finished in town so I could go to the supermarket which in hindsight wasn’t the best plan. I was pretty knackered by that point you see, and then of course I had to carry a couple of bags or groceries home. Okay so it’s not that far really but it feels like it after nearly 4 miles and the shopping doesn’t get any lighter the further you walk. Obviously I made it back though! Well anyway, that’s it, the end of Juneathon. It’s been good but it’ll be nice to get back to just 4 or 5 runs a week instead of a daily attempt. And tomorrow looks to be a good day to take a well earner break, plonked in front of the TV watching the men’s semi-finals at Wimbledon. Ahhhh, bliss!


Wednesdays are a very busy day for me and today was no exception. I even got up an extra hour earlier this morning to fit everything in. So, I arranged all my appointments, organised my schedule, rearranged things when my afternoon appointment got moved forward 2 hours, rearranged things again when my afternoon visitors decided not to visit…. It turns out it all worked out for the best since if my appointment hadn’t been brought forward 2 hours I would have missed a brilliant tennis match where Federer got knocked out of Wimbledon! So it was still a busy day but I got to spend a couple of hours of it in front of the TV watching the tennis! We still have lovely weather too, not as hot as it was over the weekend but we didn’t get the thunderstorms down here, or any rain for that matter, so it still feels like Summer. It makes a change too, I was half worried it was going to be another miserable wet Summer but if it stays like it is now I’ll be very pleased.

I have a nice long route planned for my final Juneathon run tomorrow. I also have a nice day off planned for Friday. But it’s been good. Certainly it was warmer than Janathon, and easier to fit the runs in during daylight hours since there are so many more hours of Sun at this time of year. It’s also been kinder on my washing machine loads since I didn’t need so many layers this time either. Anyway, bring on the final day…..

The 28th

Not much to write today. Short run, lots of housework, that’s about it.

Day 27 already.

You’d think that keeping a blog and log every day in June would help me keep track of how far along we are through Juneathon.  But no, I’m surprised most evenings when I check the date and realise how many days of June have passed already. So here we are, 27 days later, only 3 more days to go. Isn’t that something. And that sounds a bit like a film parody, 27 days later….

Today’s run looks pretty slow according to the log but really it was a (cue for another parody) run interrupted. I bumped into a friend and stopped for a chat, I popped into a shop to buy a birthday card, it was just a lot of stopping and starting. And boy was it hot out, even warmer than yesterday but cloudy and kind of muggy too, like we need a good thunderstorm to clear the air. My chilled bottle of water became tepid water for the second half of the run which wasn’t that nice. Luckily I have a jug of water in the fridge so I could have a nice cold drink when I got back. Well, now that the end of Juneathon is in sight, I’m quite looking forward to not having to run every day. It makes the prospect of the next 3 days much easier.

Barbecue two.

I was given a barbecue for my birthday last month. What with one thing and another and me being rather disorganised, I never got around to using it. Well, after the barbecue party yesterday I was inspired! When I got up this morning it was not looking promising, very foggy and miserable looking so I didn’t bother getting the sausages out of the freezer to defrost. But typically, by the time I sat down to watch the racing at lunchtime the fog had burnt off and it was hot and sunny and lovely barbecue weather. So after the race had finished I went for my run and returned via the supermarket where I bought the necessary foodstuffs, bread rolls, salad stuff, that sort of thing. And finally, early this evening, I used my new barbecue for the first time. It’s been years and years since we actually had a barbecue of our own though so it was a little bit of trial and error, we didn’t really light it early enough, or use as much charcoal as was possibly needed. Regardless of that it was very very nice but I do wish I hadn’t washed my hair this morning now since it is all smoky smelling now and I’m going to have to wash it again tomorrow. Okay, so that isn’t the greatest hardship in the world.

Party Day.

I was late to the party this lunchtime. I had a pretty good reason (excuse) but it didn’t fool anyone. I said I wanted to avoid the worst of the midday sun. That’s true too, up to a point. The point being it was the qualifying for the F1 tomorrow so I stayed in to watch that 😉 But then I went to the party, late enough that most of the setting up had already been done! It was pretty good weather for an outdoor party today although there was quite a wind coming off the sea which meant frisbee was off the menu. But I still got some exercise. A friend’s dog needed to be walked back to the house after the party as there was no room in any of the cars so a few of us offered to walk back with the dog. It’s a pretty energetic young dog though so it was some walking, some running and some getting your arm nearly pulled out the socket when he got to the end of his lead. Still, all in all it was a pretty good day apart from the bit of a headache I have from all that bright sunshine, and the funny tan lines I now have. And only 5 more days of Juneathon left.

A rest day of sorts…

I planned to mostly rest and recuperate today in preparation for tomorrow’s party. I sort of did, too. If you don’t count the time spent wandering around town buying party supplies and food to take along and then carrying it all back home. And then there was the housework. And the running up and down stairs I don’t know how many times. But my actual run, the one I logged, was a short run around the block. Perhaps ‘run’ is a bit strong actually. It was a gentle jog. Well anyway, apart from all the shopping and cleaning and rushing around the house and working and sewing, it was a quiet, relaxing day! Even better though, the forecast for tomorrow is currently for sunshine. Of course, the weather forecast at the moment tends to only be accurate for about and hour ahead but I’m hoping this time it sticks, or at the very least it is only cloudy tomorrow. Actually, cloudy would be good if I’m going to be hanging around on the beach all afternoon, and possibly some of the evening too. As to exercise tomorrow, well, I hear someone will be taking a frisbee along. Yay!

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